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Quick Start Guide (PDF)


The shower head comes with preset thresholds, a smartphone is not needed for an immediate use. The application allows more possibilities such as changing thresholds and colors, as well as monitoring you water consumption on your smartphone.
HYDRAO is equipped with a micro-turbine which supplies the electricity to the shower head thanks to the water flow. No battery needed!
  • If you are in Europe: HYDRAO Products are available to order from
  • If you are in the United States: HYDRAO First is now avaiable to order from
For our refund policy, please refer to this document: HYDRAO - Refund Policy (PDF)
The shower head uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you to establish a connection within a few meters.
During your shower you can turn off the water as long as 3 minutes to soap without loosing your current shower data. After 3 minutes the shower head considers you have finished your shower.
No, the shower head is equipped with an internal memory capable of storing up to 200 showers, meaning you can connect once from time to time without loosing your shower data.
For now it is only possible to retrieve data via the application. In the future We will develop an API for our shower head to be able to communicate with such devices.
In order to connect to HYDRAO you need a smartphone that works with Android or iOS and is at least Bluetooth 4.0 capable.
For your first use, we recommend that you connect your HYDRAO shower head with the HYDRAO Smart Shower app (which you will have previously installed on your smartphone or tablet). This will allow you to customize the consumption thresholds of your shower head as well as the associated colors.