Pommeau HYDRAO First


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89,90 € TTC

incl. 0.05 € of eco-contribution

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  • Cat. A
    Water consumption index
  • 9 L/min
    Flow (within 2.5 bars)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HYDRAO Smart Shower app
  • Anti-lime shower head
  • Excess flow valve

The most enjoyable way to reduce your water usage
and make significant savings!

HYDRAO First lights up the water spray with different colors depending on the amount of water used. Powered by the shower’s natural water-flow, no external power supply is needed. It therefore allows you to instantly control you water consumption and the energy needed to heat it.

  • Plug & Play
    Replaces your existing showerhead and works out-of-the-box
  • Measures the water consumption
    For a real time indication of the volume of water used during the shower
  • Integrated multicolor LED system
    Color changes according to different customizable consumption thresholds
  • No battery needed
    The natural water-flow drives a mini-turbine to generate the power

Get more features with the HYDRAO Smart Shower App

Fun and Free, the HYDRAO Smart Shower app allows you to customize the water usage thresholds and the corresponding color as well as monitoring you water usage during each shower. You can therefore evaluate your water and energy savings or even compare to other users in the household!

HYDRAO Smart Shower screen
  • Set up the 4 water usage thresholds and their associated colors
  • Water consumption visualization
  • History up to 1000 showers
  • Memorization of your reference shower
  • Min. water pressure needed
  • Set up of the water and energy costs
  • View your water and heating savings


iOS :
iPhone or iPad Bluetooth 4.0 capable
iOS 7 and above

Andoid :
Smartphone/tablet Bluetooth 4.0 capable
Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean" and above

What They Think

Smart shower head will help you cut down on all that water you’re wasting.


A smart shower head that flashes red when someone uses too much water is aiming to make people think seriously about water conservation.


USA Today
This smart showerhead lights up in different colors to indicate how much water you’ve used. Best of all, you won’t need to fiddle with batteries.

USA Today


In stock
89,90 € TTC

incl. 0.05 € of eco-contribution

Estimated shipping time: 1 business week
  • Dimensions: Height: 10 " 1/4, Diam: 4 " 1/8
  • Quality chrome finish (triple layer)
  • Min. water pressure needed : 1.2 bars
  • Cleaning of the showerhead and water-filter with white vinegar
  • 2 years warranty (1 year for wear parts)
CES 2017 Award Fabriqué en France Indice de consommation en eau